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This could soon change, however. Here are the other 40 Amazon Review Sites. Dollar Deal Reviews now has a wide product selection, but their site is a little bit confusing at first. You can refer friends to earn even more deal tickets so you can snag more items at a time. Aside from the cool-sounding name, I love this site because they never seem to run out of deals. This site could also easily make its way into the top 10 group.

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It works on a similar premise as Amazon Review Trader is which you must get seller approval before getting a promotion — even the layouts are somewhat identical. One of the newer review sites on the market.

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Most of their products fall under the categories of fashion, apparel or electronics. Most of the items tend to be on the lower-end of the price scale. You have to get approved by the seller before being able to review with Dollar Review Club. Unfortunately, you can only snag one product at a time. This site is very new, and from what I hear they are not using encryption for their log-in information.

hotukdeals has the hottest deals, from brands you love, submitted by real people, like you!

With that being said, be careful when you fill out the forms. It might be best saving this site for last. Better Discounts is a site that advertises discounts on specific products you can find in-store. When you sign-up to receive email offers, they also send you Amazon promotion codes for specific products. The more social sharing you do, the more entries you get. Furthermore, often times products on this site include shipping charges, even if you are already a member of Amazon Prime.

You start off with one deal coin. Each time you leave a review for a product, Amazing Deal Groups gives you another coin. Their Facebook page is often kept up-to-date which is a great sign. This means they probably are constantly trying to improve and expand on their product selection.

Enter in your name and email, and Review Launchpad will connect you with one of their sellers. Receive promotions via email on product discounts that you can get for quite cheap or for free. Their site just recently launched in July of Be on the lookout for this one. BestOne Review requires seller approval before getting a product discount. You can find products on here for dirt cheap or for free. A lot of the products they have tend to be handbags or clothes, but once in a while they have some items outside of these two categories.

This is a program that sends you deals via emails. They send you promotions, and if you want to review a product you respond to them. Wait for them to reply back with your promo code and leave a review. It looks like this only applies to US users. From the looks of it, their products seem to be of only the best quality from powerful brands.

This is another email-only review program. Enter in your email and receive promotions.

If you wish to review a product, respond and wait for their reply with a promotion code. Proceed with caution before you buy something.

This is another email-only program. Last time I checked their site there were less than 10 products listed. The one benefit is that all of their products are free. Similar to EtekCitizen, Artic only offers their own products available for review. This site is slowly becoming one of my favorites since they tend to keep a close relationship with sellers and reviewers. Right now they have over 1. Their product selection is quite extensive, getting items such as sunglasses, cameras and more.

This site consists of an online marketplace in which you can pick from a wide variety of offers. One thing that is unique about them is that they rank your review based on word count. You can request to snag up to 30 products, but only 2 of them will get approved at a time. The Review Effect is also not encrypted, so be careful about what information you enter.

They work pretty much like your typical review site, selecting from a list of products. You need to wait up to 3 weeks after applying to see if your application is approved. Home Product Testing is one of the better sites on this list, and they almost made it into the top A lot of their products are kitchen-based. Within just a few hours I received my first deal. This review site is quickly becoming one of the more popular ones.

Receive regular emails with promotions and discounts. You may get annoyed at their large volume of emails, but their discounts make it totally worth it. This site is not using encryption for log-in, so again be careful about what type of information you enter. We recommend staying away from this one. Jungle Launch is an email-only program that sends you promotions with email offers.

The site is a little confusing to navigate at first, but once you get the hang of it you can find some great deals.

Their product selection is quite limited, but I have found a few decent products. HonestFew is a community of tight-knit sellers and buyers. After being with them for a couple of months, I find that a low of their deals tend to be from one brand. The site can also be a bit clunky and difficult to navigate. All Star Reviews is another email list. This company is based in Germany, but US users are more than welcome to participate. Right now their company is heavily focused in research in development of cables.

All of their products are completely free. This site is great for those looking for extreme deals. You need to accumulate points in order to claim more coupons. OZ Naturals only sells products under their brand that mostly consist of skincare products. This is yet another email sign-up review site.

I usually find that I receive a deal every few days, and most of the products tend to offer a large discount. Giveaway Service has come a long way in the review site industry. You need to ask to snag a product before you can get it at a discount. You can apply for two promotions simultaneously, and you have 30 days from when your product is shipped to leave a review. Last time I checked they had around 1, items available for promotion. In addition to using Amazon Review Sites to get a discount on products, there are plenty of other ways to help you save money on Amazon.

These online shopping portals are websites that partner with thousands of retailers across the web and put their affiliate links onto one page. For Amazon, the portal that we recommend is TopCashBack. Keep in mind that these categories frequently change, so be sure to check back often or check out other online portals — my second favorite portal is BeFrugal. Amazon has some of the cheapest products on the web already.

When you go through an Amazon Review Site, you can turn a great deal into a fantastic one. Thanks for reading and happy Amazon shopping!

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I use it all the time and have five different products out right now. They have deals. The date this year is closer to Christmas less than a month before Christmas Day , and that gives you less time to shop online. That may not seem like a big deal today, but you'll have to factor in waiting on the best deals, pouncing on the lowest price, and factoring shipping wait times. As we've highlighted, Black Friday weekend isn't just a four-day affair, and deals don't necessarily follow the normal pattern of prime products to be unleashed - you can see new TV deals in the small hours of the morning or a brilliant wearable price slash just after the Thanksgiving turkey is prepped, so shoppers need to be more flexible than ever.