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All mobile phone networks currently support 3G technology and 4G technology. The 5G network will begin to be rolled out in New Zealand in Mobile broadband can be accessed through smart phones, tablets and laptops. The speed of access is dependent on the technology used by the network and the strength of the mobile signal when it is in use. This type of broadband uses a cable installed into your home rather than telephone lines.

Cable supports high bandwidth requirements. Service providers offer different packages at different speeds, depending on your requirements. Cable is only available within the areas of Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti. Use the National Broadband Map to check whether you can get cable at your address. Broadband is delivered via a satellite to a dish on or near the consumer's home.

It is useful in remote locations though reception can depend on weather conditions and natural obstructions such as hills. It is best for light to medium use.

Home Networking Solutions - D-Link Australia New Zealand

Wireless broadband, also known as Fixed Wireless, enables home and business users to obtain high-speed data access through the airwaves, without relying on any physical connection. Typically, wireless broadband devices connect over cellular networks, but other technologies such as radio waves can be used, dependent on network provider and local coverage area.

Wireless broadband is recommended as an upgrade from a standard ADSL broadband connection, in areas which have sufficient cellular coverage and capacity, or coverage from a local wireless network over radio frequencies. Public WiFi better known as hotspots are offered by a range of providers including cafes and councils.

Hotspots are usually located in busy areas such as airports, train stations and other public places. Each hotspot only covers a small area. Public WiFi can be accessed through smart phones, tablets and laptops. Use online tools to help you work out what telecommunications services you can get at your address. There are a range of broadband technologies to suit different needs and locations This guide aims to help you understand the difference between copper, ADSL, VDSL, cable and fibre connections, and learn about other technologies for accessing the internet.

Copper - medium to heavy use.

Xnet New Zealand - Cisco SRP521 Wireless-N ADSL Gateway

Mobile - light to medium use. Other broadband technologies. What type of user are you? Medium use Email, web browsing, social media, some media streaming, gaming and file downloading. Typical speeds can be a download of 70mbps and an upload of 10mbps.

VDSL is typically the most expensive broadband plan around. Fibre Optic broadband will soon reach all homes across New Zealand. Most people compare for and would prefer broadband that offers unlimited data allowance simply for the peace of mind. But unlimited broadband plans are always the most expensive and sometimes people are paying for more than they use. However if you compare broadband using our filter system you could find unlimited broadband for the same or cheaper prices than capped broadband. Finally The data allowance to broadband speed relationship is also something that needs to be carefully considered as if the broadband speed is faster most people end up doing a lot more online and using more data.

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When you compare broadband on myCompare there are three main fees other than your monthly subscription fee that need to be considered. Setup fees are the fees that need to be paid to the broadband provider in order to setup the broadband service that you want at your house. Sometimes you will also have to pay for a broadband modem or purchase your own.

For most long term contracts the provider will not charge you anything. But if you opt for a no term contract free plan you will almost always have to pay a setup fee. If you opt for a fixed contract you will almost always have to pay a cancellation fee, these fees often increase as the contract length increases and become a serious consideration. For business broadband plans some providers will demand either the whole or a portion of the remaining months left on a contract.

When changing address often your existing provider follow you to your new address but they may charge a relocation fee. Generally the longer the contract length the cheaper things become and the more free things you get, such as instillation, a modem etc and vise versa. So if you are planning on sticking to one place and one provider for a long time then consider a longer contract to benefit from the lower prices and free perks. We believe the above highlights how important it is for you to compare plans before you buy.

Compare ADSL broadband plans at Glimp and find the cheapest option for you.

The ability to compare broadband not only saves money but helps you find the most suitable broadband. Some of the best broadband deals are provided by new, up and coming broadband providers, so if you are on the hunt for cheap broadband plans it is important to compare broadband on myCompare in order to find the broadband plan that is right for you.

Please note the above points are for guidance only and you should always thoroughly read your providers terms and conditions and offer summary before making any decisions. It is unlikely though not impossible for a provider to come up with their own new pricing structure which we have yet to compare. We hope this was helpful and informative and good luck finding the right broadband for you on the myCompare broadband site. Keep me signed in. Not a member? Sign up Forgot Password.

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