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This has been absolutely perfect and amazing. He came up to me at one point in Gamma, and he said, "This makes so much sense! Did you know that the reason you move everything over one place is because you aren't multiplying 2 times that top number, it is because you are multiplying 2 TENS times that top number?

Submitted by: Deb B. Please, log in or register. Gamma Instruction Pack. Gamma Student Pack. Gamma Universal Set. Delta Universal Set. Delta Level Up Set.

Did you come here to learn if Math U See Algebra is right for you?

Integer Block Kit. Let us provide you with a free, no-strings-attached consultation.


We're happy to answer all of your questions. We promise your personal information is safe with us. First Name. How can we help? I'm interested in Math-U-See for schools. School Name. School District. Includes everything you need for a successful experience with Algebra 1. Includes everything you need for a successful experience with Algebra 2.

View ordering options for international, school, charter, purchase order, wholesale etc. For check or money order, or to use a gift card, call See all of our customer support options. Home Gamma Level Up Set. Gamma Level Up Set. Checklist for Success. Do you know what makes Math-U-See unique among math curriculum?

Have you determined the proper placement for your student?

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Which Curriculum Set do you need? Visit mathusee. Be prepared to get the most out of Demme Learning's unique products. Let's get started. Yes - Continue to Question 2 Not sure - Tell me more. Yes - Enter Level Not sure - Tell me more. Select a Level. Use our Placement Tool to determine at which level your student should begin Back. Have you purchased this level of Math-U-See before? Yes No. Then you probably have the Instruction Manual and any required Manipulatives. Do you need another level? You need the Primer Universal Set Need another set?

Proceed to checkout. You need the Alpha Universal Set Need another set? You need the Algebra 1 Universal Set Need another set? You need the Beta Universal Set Need another set? You need the Geometry Universal Set Need another set? You need the Gamma Universal Set Need another set? You need the Algebra 2 Universal Set Need another set?

You need the Delta Universal Set Need another set? You need the Epsilon Universal Set Need another set? When I first started homeschooling I used quite a few curricula that were designed for schools. This turned out to be a mistake. These programs were more expensive, and they still had elements missing that were simply to expensive for a private person to afford. I learned a lot from these painful experiences.

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Steve Demme created Math U See with the homeschool family in mind. He improved and expanded upon his original product until he had a series of curriculum for each school year, Pre-Kindergarten through to High School Graduation. If a family has an additional student, all that is needed is an additional Student Pack. The program is flexible and fits in well with many different styles of homeschooling.

What generally happens is that independent learners discover that the DVDs that are ostensibly intended to teach their parent how to deliver the lesson are the perfect way for the independent learner to start on his own. They are. Independent learners can and do simply watch the DVD, look at the material in the instruction book, try a few exercises and then begin their lessons.

Independent learners are like that. The point is, independent learners function well within Math U See. My children even took their tests within Math U See on the honor system and asked me to grade them when they were done.

One warning, however. My web crawling research on the internet revealed that answers to Math U See Algebra tests are very popular searches! This means that some students are using the internet to answer their test questions, not their knowledge.

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You might reasonably ask why I would have such an unreasonable evaluation rubric for a math curriculum. I know — based on extensive experience — that students learn better when mathematics, science and social studies are taught together.

This post is too long, so I will simply say that Math U See is good for multidisciplinary unit studies because the material in Math U See is organized in a logical manner. It is much easier to take a unit from Math U See and use it to augment a unit study that includes a practical application of mathematics. Furthermore, Math U See does have a lot of direct practical application exercises in statistics, chemistry and physics.

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If you love to combine subjects for greater efficiency and more effective learning, Math U See Algebra can be a good tool. Math U See incorporates a multisensory approach, complete with visual, aural and tactile modes of instruction. This curriculum is designed to work with all types of learners to optimize their success.

I am a skinflint. I have also been able to use Math U See for more than one student. I do not permit my children to mark in workbooks. They do all their work in composition notebooks and keep their workbooks pristine for the next child. In addition, copy and use this coupon code for free shipping on orders over forty dollars: Copy and use this coupon code for free shipping on order over one hundred dollars: Yes, I threw in some coupon codes for free shipping — but you really do have to buy now to take advantage of that.

It turns out that April is one of the slow months for book and school supply purchases.